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The combinations of Therapies that I work with are unique and life changing.

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Norma Notman-Jencke, Kinesiologist
I have been Qualified Practitioner since 1990.
The combinations of Therapies that I work with are unique and life changing.
Why not contact me for a consultation and see for yourself.

Kinesiology – Energy Balance
Kinesiology goes beneath the conscious or obvious symptoms to the cause of the problem, and releases the negative and limiting belief patterns held in the cellular level at that time and level. This is done through muscle monitoring via the nerve pathways and meridian system of the brain and body. Changes and corrections are anchored into your “bio-computer’, which gives the body positive feedback on a conscious level and supplies you with better strategies and more CHOICE should a similar situation occur.

SCENAR (Self Controlled Neuro Adaptive Regulator) Health Therapy
(Certified CSP Practitioner)
SCENAR is a unique hand held therapeutic medical device. SCENAR Therapy interactively locates, measures and promotes problem areas in the body through the skin to help RELIEVE PAIN and RESTORE FUNCTION anywhere in the body, via the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic System of the skin.

What is SCENAR good for?
• Sports injury pain
• Neck and back pain
• Post-surgery pain
• Women’s and Men’s Health

N.E.S. (Nutri Energetic Systems)
N.E.S. is a beautifully designed, incredibly comprehensive health assessment software that probes the human body-field to identify the bioenergetic and bio-informational distortions that may underlie physical and emotional concerns. You simply place your hand on the input device, that is similar to a computer mouse and in minutes the software returns results about the body field and body anatomically correct and detailed information.

What does N.E.S. identify?
• Toxins
• Trauma and shock
• Fields that power organs and organ systems
• Energetic environments that correlate to emotions
• Multifaceted energetic pathways correlated to metabolism
Infoceuticals are available for supporting the healing process.

Bioptron Colour Therapy is gentle, rapid and efficient, uplifting you with brilliant colours. It applies all six spectral colours which are generated using handmade bioinformed coloured glass filters

• Red – activates, vitalises, dynamisms, intensifies
• Blue – soothes, inhibits, inhibits, focuses, cools down
• Yellow – fortifies, tones, opens, brightens
• Green – equalises, relaxes, calms down
• Orange – restores, animates, warms, stimulates
• Purple – aspires, attunes, reduces

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